Seed List 2007

This is my list of seeds to grow in 2007. The selection of seeds is fairly extensive and is still being worked on to fine tune and get the best combination of crops for the kitchen throughout the year.  Just a quick note on this years selection. I have started weeding out the types of crops that don’t grow so well here, such as root crops, or the stuff we are just not so keen on eating, so that we can make more room for our favourites and more versatile produce for the kitchen. This list has a bias toward heirloom or open pollinated varieties so that we can develop our own little seed bank in time. What I am also starting to look for are varieties of our favourite crops that are more resistant to climate extremes, in particular drought and heat in the summer crops and hardiness in the winter crops.

We are on the second year of trials to find the perfect green courgette; triallingVerde di Milano against Defender(F1) and the cherry tomato Gardeners Delight against Supersweet 100(F1). Apart from that  we are still trying to get the right balance of storage and salad onions to keep us through the whole year. We’ve got the brassica selection just about right now apart from cabbage I am still looking for a good winter through to spring cabbage.


  • Garlic, unknown bought bulbs in Italy
  • Oignon BlancDe Rebouillon Superb variety use young as spring onions or mature as white salad onions sow Spring & Autumn
  • Oignon BlancHatif de Paris – Excellent spring summer crop as above but sow Autumn for a spring & summer harvest.
  • Onions, pickling – de Barlettasmall white pickling onions can also be eaten as salas onions.
  • Shallot, Rouge de FlorenceSuperb torpedo shaped red salad onion sow Autumn & Spring
  • Onion (White) Rayolle des Cevennes The famous sweet onion of the Cevennes.
  • Onion (Red), Rossa di Milano – Mildly hot Italian red onion and a good keeper.(New 2007)
  • Onion (yellow), Giant Zittau – Best for storage according to my neighbour, Claudie, so trying from seed this year.
  • Onion (White) ?? sets, from Italy unknown var
  • LeekBleu de Solaise – Large hardy French heirloom for winter harvest (New 2007)
  • Aubergines

  • Aubergine, Violetta Lunga* –A long purple Italian Aubergine delicious and productive.
  • Aubergine, Ronde de Valence* –I love the look of this one round dark purple fruit with fetching acid green shoulders.
  • Beans

  • Broad Bean, Aquadulce Claudia*-We only grow autumn sown broadbeans in order to avoid the blackfly plagues that start in May and this is THE variety best suited to it. Excellent tasting beans to use fresh, freeze or dried.
  • Pea, Petit Provencal*- round grain pea, sweet and delicious
  • Pea, Corne de Belier *- mangetout ,very large flat pods crisp and tasty can grow to a height of 2m.
  • Pea, Kelvedon Wonder – someone gave me these seeds.
  • French Bean, Duel*- dwarf, prolific crops, over a long period, of long fine green beans. Sow (March) and again mid April  French Bean, CosseViolette*- climber needs protection. Large broad purple pods great taste, stringless and tender.
  • Runner Beans, Scarlet Emperor *- heavy early cropping with full flavoured long smooth textured dark-green pods. Sow May-July.
  • Shelling Bean, Coco Blanc  – dwarf haricot bean with round white seeds for use fresh or dried. Not decided if it is worth growing this.
  • Shelling Bean, Italian Butter Bean – Climber. Long flat green pods containing 3-5 large white beans for use dried (New 2007)
  • Pea, Sugar Ann – A mangetout snap podded pea. (New 2007)
  • French Bean, Purple Queen – Dwarf, purple podded variety, sow mid April – Mid May outdoors (New 2007)
  • French Bean, Blue Lake –Climber, heirloom seed swap. Medium-length, tender, stringless, round pods with white seeds. (New 2007)
  • String Bean, Yard Long  – Climber, needs protection pods grow to 60cm in length. (New 2007)
  • Pea, Corne de Belier *- mangetout ,very large flat pods crisp and tasty can grow to a height of 2m.
  • Pea, Kelvedon Wonder – someone gave me these seeds.
  • Brassicas

  • Cauliflower, Romanesco *- Outstanding lime green conical heads with delicious crisp nutty sweet taste. Harvest late autumn to early spring.
  • Cabbage, Quintal D’Alsace – This is the classic cabbage for Sauerkraut, white dense heads winter to early spring. 
  • Cabbage, Wintergreen Loose leafed cabbage hearting to pointed heads in spring. Sow in summer for winter and spring greens. 
  • Cabbage Savoy, Ormskirk – dark green flavourful leaves of savoy  (New 2007)
  • Tuscan Kale, Cavolo Nero*- Outstanding dark green to black strappy crinkled leaves great taste. Harvest autumn to early spring. 
  • Broccoli, Wok Broc – summer harvest variety not really worth growing but i’ve got the seeds (New 2007)
  • Broccoli, Spike – autumn harvest variety not really worth growing but i’ve got the seeds (New 2007)
  • Broccoli  Purple Sprouting Extra Early Rudolf– Harvest Jan – Mid Feb 
  • Broccoli  Purple Sprouting Early *-Harvest mid Feb to end March 
  • Broccoli  Purple Sprouting Late *-Harvest mid March to mid April 
  • Brocoletto, Cima de Rapa 90 and 40*-Fast growing Italian delicacy. Mustardy leafy greens harvest whole just as sprouts appear and pan fry with garlic delicious. 
  • Corn

  • Sweet Corn, Golden Bantam –Traditional American corn on the cob variety from 1900. (New 2007)
  • Baby Corn, Minipop (F1) – Use whole raw or in stir fries and oriental dishes.(New 2007)
  • Curcubits

  • Courgette, Gold Rush*- Delicious tasting crisp yellow courgettes great raw.        
  • Courgette/Pumpkin, Tromba D’Albenga *- This I saw growing in Italy and I’m very exciting about growing it here. It provides pale green curly courgettes in summer which then mature to enormous long curved buff coloured pumpkins by winter. Grow over a frame to give the pumpkins the hanging space to mature. (some i saw were over 5ft long!) 
  • Pumpkin, Butternut *-Great taste, flexible in the kitchen and a good storer. 
  • Courgette, Defender – Madly prolific can hardly keep up with production grow only 1 or 2 plants this year for trial.         
  • Courgette, Verde di Milano – dark green skin and dense flesh. Trialling for the second year against Defender. 
  • Cucumber, le Genereux – bog standard cucumber can get bitter if left too long, look for a better variety next year. 
  • Cucumber, Konsa F1early outside cucumber crisp flesh and smooth dark skin. Excellent (New 2007)
  • Pumpkin, Musquee de Provence – Excellent quality flesh with a ribbed flattened globe shape turning from green to ochre. (New 2007)
  • Pumpkin, Rouge D’etampes – French heirloom. The classic Cinderella shaped orange pumpkin popular in France. (New 2007)
  • Pumpkin Lady Godiva hulless seed variety grown for the abundant seeds rather than the flesh (New 2007)
  • Gherkin, Mexican Gherkin – also known as creeping cucumbers. (New 2007)
  • Herbs and Armomatic Leaves

  • Rocket
  • Rocket Wild
  • Sorrel
  • Parsley, flat leaf
  • Coriander
  • Coriander, confetti
  • Basil, Thai
  • Basil, Marseille
  • Basil, Genovese
  • Chervil
  • Dill
  • Marjoram
  • Savory
  • Nigella Sativa
  • Lemon Grass
  • Sage
  • Chinese Chives Excellent stuff can’t get enough so grow more next year. Sow spring & Autumn
  • Still looking for
  • Coriander, Vietnamese r Laksa leaves
  • Leaves: Lettuce

  • Verde Ricciolina, Spring 
  • Regina dei Ghiacci, Iceberg spring summer 
  • Green Salad Bowl, Loose-leaf spring                         
  • Corsair, Romaine spring/summer 
  • Sucrine, Romaine summer 
  • Little Gem, Semi-Cos summer 
  • Reine des Glaces, Iceberg summer 
  • Craquerelle du Midi, Cos summer 
  • Umbriacona summer/autumn 
  • Verde d’inverno Romaine Autumn/Winter/spring 
  • Winter Density Semi-cos Winter/spring 
  • Rougette de Montpellier butterhead Winter/spring 
  • Lambs Lettuce Ronde Maraichere Winter/spring 
  • Brunia,  oak-leaf  all year 
  • Red Salad Bowl Loose-leaf  all year
  • Leaves

  • Perpetual Spinach, Verde da Taglio – Classic Italian variety productive and hardy (New 2007)
  • Swiss Chard, Zilver – (New 2007)
  • Swiss Chard, Bright Lights – looks great in the garden.         
  • Swiss Chard, Verte a Carde Blanche – excellent tasting crisp white midribs and dark green leaves.         
  • Spinach, Matador small leaved summer spinach but still can’t take our summer heat so needs to be harvested by mid May. 
  • Spinach, Giant D’Hiver Excellent large leaf spinach for use in winter and early spring.           
  • Tetragon, New Zealand Spinach lush low growing succulent that can withstand summer heat and drought and can be used as spinach. 
  • Texel Greens – so few seeds in the packet sowed for seed production only. (New 2007)
  • LeavesOriental

  • Mizuna *-highly productive and full of flavour for use in salads and as cooked greens from successional sowing throughout the year. 
  • Chinese Leaves, Green Tower (F1) –  This one did not head up and bolted try and find a better non F1 var next year.
  • Pak Choi, Green Revolution – Lovely crisp white to pale green spoon shape leaves. Bolted undercover in spring. 
  • Choy Sum, Hong Kong F1- 3rd season of poor winter-spring cropping from this one find another non F1 var next year.         
  • Pak Choi, Canton Dwarf – (New 2007) A compact,dwarf Pak Choi producing short,broad,thick,pure white stems with darkgreen leaves.Good tolerance to heat. 
  • Tatsoi, Yukina –(New 2007)
  • Rosette Pak Choi, Tatsoi Tah Tsai – (New 2007)
  • Leaves: Chicories & Endives

  • Chicory, Witloof – classic forcing chicory 
  • Endive Frisee, Costa Blanca – Classic frilly rosette of robust slightly bitter leaves will grow even from winter sowing. 
  • Endive Scarole Broadleaf smooth crisp white leaf base turning to light green 
  • Chicory (Radicchio), Palla Rosa – tough slightly hairy green and red leaves makes a good contribution to a mixed salad. 
  • Chicory (Radicchio), Palla Rosa Variegated di Chioggiaheading white and red variegated (New 2007)
  • Peppers & Chillis

  • Sweet Pepper, (Red), Doux D’Espagne * –Superb; prolific with gorgeous juicy long red peppers for use fresh or to preserve. 
  • Sweet Pepper, (Yellow),Quadrato d’asti giallo* –Excellent huge fleshy yellow square peppers for use fresh 
  • Sweet Pepper, (Red) Tres Long des Landes – Long thin quick maturing peppers, use green or red. (New 2007)
  • Sweet Pepper, (Red) Topepo Rosso – cherry type pepper, thick flesh small and round. (New 2007)
  • Sweet Pepper, (Orange) Californian Wonder bought one plant to try (New 2007)
  • Sweet Pepper, Golden Greek Pepperoncini- Long thin lime green peppers to use for pickling (New 2007)
  • Sweet Pepper, Californian Wonder (Orange)1 plant to trial (New 2007)
  • Paprika Pepper, Barcelona Cherry Pepper * – Fantastic fleshy cherry peppers with a hint of heat. Seeds from Barcelona market peppers. 
  • Paprika Pepper,Pimiento L Pepper– Heart shaped Spanish paprika pepper for drying and grinding for sweet paprika.(New 2007
  • Paprika Pepper, Romanian Hot Antohi A more pungent type of hot paprika pepper for drying (New 2007)
  • Chilli Pepper, Cayenne * –Very Hot! 4th season growing this one and it gets better each year, dries well and is truly excellent 
  • Chilli PepperKashmiri –Not sure these will come true seeds came from Indian grocery peppers (New 2007)
  • Chilli Pepper, Szentesi mid-hot bought one plant to try (New 2007)
  • Chilli PepperLemon Drop –Sma ll crinkly lemon yellow chilli peppers with very hot citrus flavour. (grown for Kokopelli)
  • Chilli PepperThai red – Saved seeds from Thai grocery peppers, medium to hot. Excellent crop (New 2007)
  • Chilli Pepper, Ciligia Piccante – Small (2×2 cm), red cherry type. Medium-hot but loses about 60% of it’s heat when cooked.(New 2007)
  • Roots
    We have real difficulty with growing roots on our shallow acidic soil so i may not sow any of these this year if we run out of space. 

  • Beetroot, Boltardy – trying a different variety this year to see if we can get a better crop. (New 2007)
  • Beetroot,
  • Carrot, Nantese – trying a different variety this year to see if we can get a better crop. (New 2007) 
  • Parsnip, White gem This is the last chance for parsnip trying a different variety this year to see if we can get a better crop. (New 2007)
  • Navet, Rave D’Auvergne  – This stuff grows well so this may be its last year sow late summer for autumn winter crop.
  • Hamburg Parsley – Last chance for rooted parsley.
  • Fennel, de Parma Sel Prado – Excellent winter crop but we do have some problems getting it started in the heat of summer.
  • Evening Primrose – No good reason for growing this just fancied having a go if there is room.
  • Tomatoes

  • Tomato, Noir de Crimee* –Brownish coloured tomato with green shoulders looks a bit weird but the taste is absolutely fantastic.
  • Tomato, San Marzano* –Excellent Italian plum tomato makes great passata but can suffer blossom end rot -look for a more resistant var. 
  • Tomato, cherry Supersweet 100* –largish cherry tomato, heavy cropping great taste. 
  • Tomato, cherry Gardeners Delight – some say the best tasting cherry tomato. Trialling for the second year against Supersweet100
  • Tomato, Brandyvine – Pinky red coloured beefsteak tomato with great taste but not 100% impressed. 2nd season to trial. 
  • Tomato, Rutger’s – Round red vine tomatoes, bred by Rutgers university for Campbell’s soup in 1934. Chosen by NASA for the Seeds in Space programme which is good enough  reason to try it (New 2007)
  • Tomato, Porter – Texan variety of small, thin skinned, pink-red plum  tomatoes. Good for bottling. Resistant to drought, cracking and sunburn, ideal for the hottest of climates! (New 2007)
  • Tomato, Purple Calabash – Heirloom deep purple-burgundy flattened and puckered fruit. (New 2007)
  • Tomato, Black Cherry – Heirloom small purple black fruit. (New 2007)
  • Tomato, Double Rich – Delicious large fruit with firm flesh and few seeds. for Kokopelli
  • key 
    after the variety indicates it is a favourite and must grow variety.

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