Seed List 2008

My seed list is now finalised for 2008. I have to admit it is getting a bit out of hand this year with 33 tomato varieties, 18 lettuces and 32 varieties of capsicum, but they are what I like eating the most so there is reason to this madness. It will be a miracle if I can squeeze this lot in but I am going to try, many of the chillis are already growing as house plants still from last season.

Agretti or Salsola Soda (SW) Crunchy stems reminiscent of Samphire eat raw or steam when young. Rich in vitamins & minerals. 
Szechuan (HSL) Long thin Chinese aubergine, collected by Joy Larkom in Chengdu, Szechuan in 1994 
Aubergine, Violette Longue Droite
(K)  Long medium slim white tinged lavender fruit
(Broad), Aquadulce Claudia (F) Best for autumn sowing produing excellent tasting beans in May. Use fresh, freeze or dry.       
(French Dwarf ), Duel (Tr) Green mangetout beans. Prolific crops, over a long period, of long fine green beans. Sow (March) and again mid April -May. 
(French Dwarf), Fin de Bagnols Very fine 17-18cm long green beans. Sow April-Aug H June-Oct 
(French Dwarf), Maxidor(G), Mangetout Beurre taste almost like sweetcorn 14-17 long tender wax pods. Sow mid April – Mid May outdoors 
(French Dwarf), Roi des Beurres (Kinghorn), (LeP), Mangetout Beurre 13-14cm long yellow pods  S April-Mid Aug  H June-Oct 
(French Dwarf), Purple Queen(U) – Purple mangetout beans. Very tasty pods that turn grey green when cooked. Sow mid April – Mid May outdoors   
(Runner), Scarlet Emperor(O)heavy early cropping runner with full flavoured long textured dark-green pods. 
(Runner) Goliath (K) An old variety, also known as prizetaker, is productive, flowers are red, pods are medium dark green and 40cm long with black and purple seeds. ONLY 5 seeds in the packet non of them germinated
(Shelling)Spagna bianco(F) – Large white beans, nearest i can find to a butter bean  
(Soya) Edamame Agate (K) 
(Yard Long)Snake (F) (SS) Vigorous climber with superb tasting 60cm long pale green pods. Excellent polytunnel crop. 
Beetroot Boltardy
(O) Excellent main crop of smooth round sweet tasting roots resistant to bolting. Sow early spring and Autumn. 
Rouge Crapaudine(K) Long slender roots, reputedly the oldest variety of beetroot. For Autumn harvest.  
Golden Detroit(O) Yellow fleshed beet good storer and resistant to bolting
Broccoli Raab
90 / 40 day(F) Also called Broccoletto or Cima de Rapa or turnip tops. Fast growing Italian leafy delicacy. 
Broccoli (Sprouting)
Wok Broc (O) Harvest Aug -Oct May not use this as broccoli does not crop well in summer here 
Broccoli (Purple Sprouting)
Rudolph(O) Harvest Oct-Jan
Broccoli (Purple Sprouting) Late
(O) Harvest Jan-Feb 
Broccoli (Purple Sprouting) Early
(O) Harvest Marc 
Broccoli Romanesco
(O) Outstanding lime green conical heads like a cauliflower with delicious crisp nutty sweet taste. 
Brussels Sprout,
Noisette(O) Small to medium sprouts of delicious nutty flavour
Cabbage (Chinese) Pak Choi Green Revolution
(N) pale green stems and green spoon shaped leaves. This  turned out top be an F1 so won’t be saving the seeds to grow again.
Cabbage (Chinese) Pak Choi
(K) 25cm tall. Stems are thick and leaves are medium green and round. 
Cabbage (Chinese) Pak Choi Canton Dwarf
Open pollinated. A compact,dwarf Pak Choi producing short,broad,thick,pure white stems with darkgreen leaves.Good tolerance to heat.  
Cabbage (Chinese) Chinese Cabbage Pe-Tsai
In my experience this one does not heart up. Best grown undercover in winter.
Cabbage (Chinese) Chinese Cabbage Michihili
(K) Erect 45cm, tightly wrapped cylindrical heads, with dark green leaves and white ribs 
Cabbage (Chinese)
Tatsoi Yukina (T) Prostrate pak choi with dark green glossy leaves non-hearting, grows best in low temperatures.
Cabbage (Chinese)
Tatsoi Tah Tsai (K) Spoon shaped dark green glossy leaves, grows best in low temperatures. 
Cabbage Quintal D’Alsace
(G) The classic cabbage for Sauerkraut, white dense heads for winter-spring harvest.
Cabbage (Savoy) Ormskirk
(T) Outstanding dark green crinkly flavourful leaves for winter-spring harvest. 
Capsicum (Sweet), Doux D’Espagne
Outstanding pepper; prolific crops of long tapered green, maturing to red, tasty juicy fruits. 
Capsicum (Sweet), Sweet Cherry
(K) Small 5cm cherry shaped sweet red peppers , good pickled. 70days No germ.
Capsicum (Sweet) Topepo Rosso
Round tomato shaped pepper, thick flesh good stuffer. 1 plant overwintered in tunnel
Capsicum  (Sweet) Relleno Jaune
(K)15cm long, slender, blunt ended fruits, cold tolerant. Good for stuffing or frying.   
Capsicum (Sweet)
Lombardo (V) Italian green frying pepper. 12-15cm long, thin skin and sweet, good pickled. 70 days failed 
Capsicum (Sweet)
Buran (SW) Polish heirloom. Said to be extremely sweet and productive  90 days  
Capsicum (Sweet)
Nardello(HSL) An Italian heirloom frying pepper. Long, sweet twisted red peppers with a slightly spicy, smoky flavour. 65-75 days. 
(Sweet) Chervena Chujski(SW) A Bulgaria heirloom. Good yields of 3 ½” long by 1 ½” wide sweet, red peppers. 85-90 days No germination
(Mild) Turkish Sweet Cayenne (SW) Pods mature from green to yellow, to orange to red. 70 days. Pods are crinkled and curled. No germination
Capsicum (Mild) Golden Greek Pepperoncini
?* Outstanding: Matures early. Large plants of about 5ft produce masses of  peppers. Fruit are mild with a hint of liquorishy spice, thin-walled, and mature from green to red. Use: Fried, grilled, stuffed, raw or pickled. early 62 days (R) NB these mature from green to red with a lot of variation and I don’t think it is actually Golden Greek Pepperoncini see rogue chillis
Capsicum  (Mild)
Pimiento de Barcelona(SS) Heart shaped fleshy paprika peppers with a hint of heat. SS Barcelona Market. 
Capsicum  (Mild)
Pimiento de Padron (SW) The Spanish tapas pepper. These did not grow as expected the small conical peppers were so hot I could not use them for the traditional Tapas of panfried peppers. They should be mild with only one in 30 or so being hot. These were nearly all too hot to use as anything but chilli seasoning. I will source new seeds for next year
Capsicum  (Mild)
Trinidad Seasoning Pepper A mild Habanero. 5cm long red fruits with an amazing exotic fruit flavour. These came from a street market in Tobago and were saved by Colin. (SW) 
Capsicum  (Mild) Pasilla
Long thin pods mature to dark chocolate brown with raisin like aroma. Use dried or fresh. failed
Capsicum ((Mild) Pepperoncini
(K)  Italian pepper from Tuscany. Use green or red. Very mild spicy flavour, also pickled.
Capsicum  (Med)
Kashmiri (SW) Dark red Indian chilli pepper, famous for the flavour and colour it provides. Use fresh or dried. These came from a seed swap and I am still not sure these are true Kashmiri chillis. 
Capsicum ((Med) Paprika
(K) very disappointing pepper with little flavour and skin so tough as to be almost inedible.won’t grow it again
Capsicum ((Med) Ciligia Piccante
* also known as Santan’s Kiss. Compact plants provide big crops of small round 4-5cm red cherry chillis. Spicy hot when raw these chilli loose a lot of their heat when cooked. Excellent stuffed and pickled, tapas style. (F)  
Capsicum (Med) Romanian Antohi
A pungent well flavoured paprika pepper with some heat makes great powder. 
Capsicum (Med) Anaheim TMR 23
Relatively mild chilli and an old favourite. Long tapering green peppers borne on sturdy plants with good foliage cover. 74 days failed
Capsicum (Med)
Maroccan Green(SS) 15cm long tapered green fruit with some heat. Seeds saved from a market pepper. failed 
Capsicum (Med) Rocoto Orange
(SS) Apple shaped translucent fleshy orange fruit with delicious flavour and black seeds. I took the seeds from an unusually mild rocoto. C.Pubescens can be slow to germinate. Use fresh.
Capsicum (Med) Black Sea Chillis
(SW) These seeds came from a seed saver in Tazmania who has grown them for over 20 years.
(Med) Grandpa’s Home Pepper (SW) A miniature Siberian pepper for growing indoors in pots, small red semi-hot peppers.  70 Days 
(Med) Explosive Ember (SW) 1in conical fruit ripen from dark purple to red on compact stunning plants with purple foliage and flowers. C. Annum 
(Med) Jalapeño Conchos Plants are tall bearing cylindrical smooth dark green pods 7-10cm long. Mild to medium heat and very useful mild chilli with thick flesh. This variety is an F1 but I am going to try saving seeds from it. 2500-10000 Scovilles Heat level 5-6   
(Med) Jalapeño Standard Jalapeños have 3″ thick walled fruits ripening from green to red when they become sweet. No germination (SW) 
Capsicum (Hot) Rotoco
(SW) not too clear about what this pepper will be 
Capsicum (Hot) Rocoto Red
(SW) C.Pubescens Fleshy apple shaped chilli with a lot of heat 
Capsicum  (Hot) D’Espelette
(K) Great tasting old French Pays Basque variety,7-9 cm long cone shaped red fruits.
Capsicum  (Hot) Cayenne
(SS) A lovely hot chilli. 6-8cm long pods maturing from green to red. Great fresh, dries well and makes an excellent powder. Sturdy 4ft plants are prolific croppers. 
(Hot) Lemon Drop(K) (SS) 5cm long crinkly yellow chilli peppers produced on beautiful arching plants. Very hot with an unusual pronounced citrus flavour. 
(Hot) Thai Red(SS) An Asian chilli. Small 4cm long fiery pods mature green to red.Original seeds came from grocery peppers.
Cardoon Plein Blanc Enerme
Perennial thistle like plant grown for the leaf stalks in winter. Unique taste and delicious. 
Nantaise (K) Good main crop carrot sow in autumn and spring 
Chicory, Witloof,
classic forcing chicory 
Chicory, Palla Rosa Variegated di Chioggia
White and red variegated radicchio 
Chicory, Rouge de Verone
Red radicchio 
Sugar Loaf (V) S:Jun-Aug Tightly wrapped upright green head.  
, Catalogna Gigante Chioggia (F) S:Mar-Sept Upright long serrated greeen leaves from Chioggia.  
Courgette, Verde di Milano
(F) Dark green skin and dense crisp flesh. 
Verte D’Italie (G)  Green fruit with pale yellow srtripe, flesh is dense and delicious
Courgette, Gold Rush
Delicious tasting crisp yellow courgettes great raw. 
Burpless Tasty Green(O) Long slender fruits resistant to mildew grow outdoors or indoor 
Cucumber, Marketmore
Vigorous plants produce shortish dark green crisp and flavoursome cucumbers undercover or outdoors, can get a little bitter if left on the vine. Good raw or cooked .
Cucumber (Gherkin) Mexican Gherkin
(Eden) also known as creeping cucumbers. 
Cucumber (Gherkin)
Fin de Meaux (Tz) small cylindrical green gerkins with black spines ideal for pickling. 
Endive Frisee, Costa Blanca
Classic frilly rosette of robust slightly bitter leaves will grow even from winter sowing. 
Endive Scarole
Broadleaf smooth crisp white leaf base turning to light green 
Fennel  de Parma Sel Prado
(F) Excellent winter crop but we do have some problems getting it started in the heat of summer. 
Italian white garlic bought 1 kg of seed garlic in Italy. A must grow crop for us 
Garlic / Chinese Chives
(FSM) Perennial clump forming plants. Eat the garlic flavoured leaves, buds and flowers. 
Cav olo Nero Di Toscana (F) Also called Black Tuscan Kale and one of my favourite veg. Harvest winter to spring. 
Red Russian (B. napus)(SW)  Heirloom  S1 March S2 mid Aug  H Winter. 
Khol Rabi, Purple Vienna
(I) a cabbage grown for its swollen stem the leaves can be used too.
Bleu de Solaise (V) Large, hardy French heirloom for winter harvest 
Onion (White Salad)
Giugnese (F) S: Mar-May / July-Sept  Italian white mid sized salad onion with semi flat bulb with pure white flesh. 
(White Salad) De Rebouillon (V) French white salad onion or ‘Oignon Blanc’ – Excellent Sow Spring or Autumn. 
Onion (Pickling) de Barletta
S: Feb-April (V) Small white pickling onions can also be eaten as salad onions.
Onion (Red Salad) Rouge de Florence
(F) Outstanding torpedo shaped red onion.Good in salad & stores well. Sow Autumn & Spring
Onion (White Salad) Raiollette des Cevennes
(L) The famous sweet onion of the Cevennes, a must grow for us 
Onion (main) Tonda Musona
(F) S:(Jan-Feb) Mar-April (July-Sept) A large, round, white skinned onion. Good in salad & stores well. 
Onion (main)
sets Cipolla Bianca Bought 500g in Italy 
Onion (main)
sets Cipolla Stoccarda ‘Da Sohina’ Bought 500g in Italy 
Onion (main)
sets Rossa di Milano Home grown sets to grow for seed this year. Mildly hot Italian red onion and a good keeper 
White gem (T) Finally got a harvest in 2007 with this variety so i’ll try it again. no germ seeds too old 
Parsnip, Guernsey
(HSL) Also called Guernsey Half Long and despite its name is a French heirloom over 150 years old. failed
Pea, (main) Kelvedon Wonder
(Seeds given to me) round grain pea out of date so may not use. 
Pea, (main) Petit Provencal
(L) round grain pea, sweet and delicious 
Pea, (drying) Latavian
(HSL) Round seeded tall pea, called ‘Peleks Zirnis’ in Latvian meaning grey peas. Use as a dried pea
Pea (mangetout) Sugar Ann
(T) A sugar snap mangetout pea. Crop failed 2006 try again. 
Pea (Mangetout ) Mammoth Melting Sugar Pea
(SW) Large 10-15 cm green stringless pods on tall plants of up to 2 metres 
(Mangetout ) Taiwan (SW)  A sugar snap pea with crisp rounded edible pods.
(Mangetout ) Corne de Belier S:Feb-April H: April-July, very large flat pods crisp and tasty can grow to a height of 2m.  
Perpetual Spinach Verde da Taglio
Classic Italian variety 
Pumpkin/Squash Tromba D’Albenga
(SS) An Italian climbing/trailing squash. Pale green curly courgettes in summer that mature to enormously long curved buff coloured pumpkins by winter. 
Uchiki Kuryor Red Kury(K) Japanese origin. Dark red spinning top shaped fruits with a chestnut flavour.
Pumpkin/Squash  Butternut Ponca
(K) An heirloom from the Ponca Tribe, USA. Early butternut.  
Buttercup Bush(K) Compact bush producing green, flattened fruit with sweet orange flesh. failed 
Radish, French Breakfast
great quick cropping veg use roots raw and leaves cooked, best in the colder months. 
(O) perennial leafy crop with an acidic taste use to flavour soups and fish.
Spinach, Matador
known as a summer spinach but this small leaved variety can’t take our summers so i grow it as a winter crop. 
Sweetcorn Sweetie
(O)very disappointed this seed arrived F1 though not named in catalogue as such
Swiss Chard Verte a Carde Blanche
(G) excellent tasting crisp white midribs and dark green leaves.         
Tetragon / New Zealand Spinach
(SS)  lush low growing succulent, withstands heat and drought well, use like spinach. 
Texel Greens
(SS) prone to bugs but i’ll give it another go and try new ways of cooking to see if it’s worth growing in future. 
Tomato, (Red) Red Pear
(F) Unusual large pear shaped Italian red beefsteak tomato with vertical ribs.  Indet.75days 
Tomato, (Red) Brandyvine
Dates back to 1885 and is regarded as one of the world’s finest flavoured beefsteak tomatoes 
Tomato, (Red) Double Rich
(K) (SS) Delicious largish red fruit with firm flesh, great taste and high levels of vitamin C.  Originally grown for Assocation Kokopelli see Technical Seed Saving Records Indet.65-70 days. 
Tomato (Red) Cyril’s Choice
(HSL) An heirloom. Good flavoured, juicy red fruit. Indet. but compact growth. 
Tomato (Red) Oroma
(K)  Russian heirloom. 120g long sometimes pointed fruit.  Det. 85-90days trying this one because they are said to be easy to peel so maybe usefull in the kitchen for me. 
Tomato, (Black) Noir De Crimée
(V) Outstanding large black tomato with green shoulders and dark savory flesh.  70-80days 
Tomato, (Black) Carbon
(K) Dark purplish-brown on the outside with a deep brick-red interior. Flavour is rich and sweet. Medium to large fruit, flattened round and smooth. Crack and blemish free. Indet.80 days 
Tomato, (Black)
Japanese Black Trifele (Seed Savers Exchange via SW with Patrick) 
(Pink) Eva’s Purple Ball(SW) Pinkish Purple round fruit with a good flavour  Indet.65-75 days   
(Yellow) Taxi Yellow (K) Smooth round yellow fruit with great flavour. Compact, cold tolerant Det. 65days 
(Orange) Caro Rich (K) Fruit are a deep orange, delicious and productive. High provitamin content. Indet.80days 
Tomato, (Green) Charlie’s Green
(SS) Fantastic tasting green tomato. Not sure of purity until grown, saved by fellow grower. 
(Green) Cherokee Green(SW) Yellowish green skin with green flesh and lovely rich flavour. Indet. 85 days .
Tomato, (bi-coloured) Green Zebra
(HSL) Flavour is mildly sweet and tangy green & yellow verticle stripes. Indet.85days 
Tomato, (bi-coloured) Marvel Striped
(K) Beefsteak from Mexico. Large yellow/orange with pink stripes and rich, sweet fruity flavours. Does not like a wet climate. 85-105day 
Tomato (bi-colour) Marizol Gold
(K) Large slightly flattened fruit are deep gold with a red blush on the blossom end and red streaks throughout the flesh and ribbed shoulders. Good yields, outstanding flavor, and very little problem with cracking or blemishes. Heirloom from the Black Forest region of Germany. Indet.85 days
Tomato, (cherry) Gardener’s Delight
Red cherry tomato, some say the best tasting cherry tomato and it is pretty good 
Tomato, (cherry)
Peacevine(HSL)  An American heirloom with sweet tangy flavour and very high amino acid content. Indet.70days Tomato(cherry) Red Pear (SS) Small, sweet pear shaped red fruit on sprawling plants. Semi-det.75days
Tomato, (cherry) Black Cherry
(K) Smallish fairly tasty brown cherry tomatoes.
Tomato, (cherry) White Rabbit
(K) Creamy-white cherry tomato a recent development by Joe Bratka, NJ. 1.5m sprawling plants bare clusters of tiny fruits with excellent flavor. Indet.
Tomato, (cherry) Sungold
(SW) Very sweet orange coloured cherry tomato. Prolific cropper. Indet.57 days.  
Tomato (cherry)
Garden PearlA completely determinate bush type produces lots of pinkish fruits.
Tomato, (paste) San Marzano
(F) Excellent Italian plum tomato makes great passata, susceptable to blossom end rot. Indet.
Tomato, (paste) Roma
(V) Small plum shaped tomato for cooking and conserving. Det.78days  
Tomato, (paste)
Cornu des Andes(SW) Pepper shaped rich, red meaty fruits. Excellent cooking tomato. Semi-Det 75days 
Tomato, (paste) Porter
Old Texan variety of small, thin skinned, pink-red plum tomatoes. Resistant to drought, cracking and sunburn.
(Drying) Principe Borghese (SW) Italian heirloom said to be the best for drying. Small grape shaped fruits have few seeds, rich taste. Determinate, 75 days.
Tomato, Cuostrallee
(K) A French beefsteak heirloom that produces huge red, meaty fruits with intensely rich tomato taste. Ribbed shoulders, 10cm accross and weigh 500g to 1kg. Growing this year as seed guardian for Kokopelli Indet.85days
Turnip, Rave D’Auvergne
White, crisp flesh with a purple blush on the shoulder. Sow late summer for autumn/winter crop. 


Lettuce and Salad Leaves
Cos Compact with green crisp leaves and a delicious sweet flavour. 
Red Leprechaun
, Romaine Compact with shiny, dark-purple puckered leaves and good flavour.
Green Salad Bowl
, Loose-leaf spring   
Regina dei Ghiacci
, Iceberg spring/summer 
Paris Island Cos,
Cos spring/summer New 2008
Heirloom Cos New 2008
Romaine summer 
Little Gem
, Semi-Cos summer 
Reine des Glaces
, Iceberg summer 
Craquerelle du Midi
, summer 
Batavia, summer/autumn winter undercover
Batavia  summer/autumn  New 2008
Verde d’inverno
Cos  Autumn/Winter/spring 
Winter Density
Cos Winter/spring 
Rouge Grenobloise,
Batavian excellent winter lettuce, good in cold and shade. Large heads with crisp ruffled leaves tinted red. 
winter undercover/spring New 2008
Rougette de Montpellier
butterhead Winter/spring 
,  Oak-leaf  all year 
Red Salad Bowl
Loose-leaf  all year 
Lambs Lettuce
Ronde Maraichere Winter/spring 
(SS) Highly productive oriental leafy brassica. Full of flavour for use in salads or as cooked greens.
(SS) sow all year round excellent leaf for salads or in pasta dishes 
Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf
(SS) Bi-annual, easy to grow, well flavoured herb or leafy vegetable.
Herbs are not listed as there are too many of them.


Physalis, Goldie
Small 2cm round orange fruits in papery husks. Fruit havea wonderful sweet tart flavour and store well all winter. 
Melon, Cantaloup D’Alger
(K) An old heirloom with compact growth. Warty, dark green, oblong fruit, with silver white marks. The flesh is thick and juicy and the taste is perfumed and very sweet.  


Original Seed Source Key
(HSL)Heritage Seed Library, (K)Kokopelli   (F)Franchi/Seeds of Italy (V)Vilmorin (O)Organic Catalogue (N)Nicky’s Seeds (TM)Thompson & Morgan (L)Local seed merchant  (G) Gondian  (Tr)Truffaut (R) Roguelands (T)Tuckers  (FSM) Ferme de Sainte Marthe (U)Unwins  (Tz) Tezier, (LeP) Le Paysan, (PD) Plants of Distinction
(SS)Self-saved (SW)Seed Swaps


A Big Thanks to to those who have swapped or sent me seeds to try:
Christina, Italy
Colin Bristol, England
Patrick Bifurcated Carrots, NL
Chantal in Rugby, England
Nemo in County Kerry, Ireland
Primo Santeria in Louisiana,  USA
Pat in Sheffield, England
Bob in Tasmania, Australia
Lieven in Belgium
Torbjorn Hellstrom in Horby, Sweden

This is my growing list for the year. If you want to swap seeds with me go to the seeds swap page to see what seeds I have available to share.


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