Chilli, Amarillo

Capsicum Baccatum, Amarillo

A stunning large orange chilli pepper ripening from green to yellow to a wonderful bright orange colour when fully ripe. Pods are chunky tapering to a point about 11cm long with a crisp flesh and hot fruity flavour.

Fruit are quite pungent and are wonderful fresh but I’ve read they are trditionally dried and powdered. These are pretty hot peppers measuring about 40,000-50,000 SHU Heat Level 7-8 say some sources. I think this may also be known as aji yellow.

Plants are vigorous and quick to germinate forming good solid plants quickly. In 2009 fruit were noticably later to mature than the annum varieties

Seed Source – Seeds collected from peppers bought in a market in Barcelona. Grew out in 2009, performed well and grew true to form but matured very late in the season.

Propagation I think this variety may need to be started early, November – January in humid heat and grown on undercover to provide the long season they need.

Note this variety log is part of a series on my favourite varieties; the pick of the crop and the ones that I will continue to grow and save seeds of. I like to keep good records for the varieties I maintain seeds for and collect information on how best to cultivate them. See my other variety files


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