Chilli, Guindilla

These peppers are one of the most commonly used hot peppers in Spain. A great all purpose chilli with good flavour and Medium-Hot heat.

Capsicum Annuum Guindilla

Robust plants produce plenty of 13-16cm long pods. Slim at 2-3cm wide tapering to a point with a slight curve. Fairly quick to mature and tough in adverse conditions. Best eaten fresh either green or red. The red guindilla is dried and used as a flavouring component in dishes such as dried cod al pil pil and gambas al pil pil. It is hot but not as hot as a Cayenne so it is a great all purpose fresh chilli pepper to use when the heat of a Cayenne would be too much.

Seed Source – Seeds collected from peppers bought in a market in Barcelona. Grew out in 2009, performed well and grew true to form.

Note this variety log is part of a series on my favourite varieties; the pick of the crop and the ones that I will continue to grow and save seeds of. I like to keep good records for the varieties I maintain seeds for. See my other variety files


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