Chilli, Red Habanero

Chilli, Habanero Red Growing 2009

The habanero Capsicum Chinense, type chillis are really something special I love the tropical flavour of the Chinense chillis. This is the standard red habanero it is fairly easy to come by and the most commonly found in markets.

Plants Plants are strong and grow to a height of about 3ft in one season. Fruit grow pendulous on arching branches.
Fruit The pods are 5-7cm long and 4-6cm wide and ripen from light green to this wonderful bright red. Fruit are thin fleshed and scalloped.
Flavour very hot and intensely fruity totally different to annum types. Habaneros can reach a blistering 285,000 SHU Heat level 10 but these ones are more like a Heat Level 7-8/10.
Use A great all round fruity chilli for those who like heat. Wonderful raw in salad dressings and salsas or cooked in sauces and stews. Use with caution very hot.

Capsicum Chinense, Red Habanero Original bought peppers

Seed Source Seeds collected from peppers bought in a market in Barcelona.
Note As with other Chinense varieties plants can be slow growing, these capsicums need a bit more heat and are less tolerant of wind, start earlier and grow a few plants undercover for best results.
Growing Log Grew from market saved seeds in 2009, performed well and grew true to form. Set out a bit late – June 5- would have had a better crop if set out as normal in early May.

Note this variety log is part of a series on my favourite varieties; the pick of the crop and the ones that I will continue to grow and save seeds of. I like to keep good records for the varieties I maintain seeds for. See my other variety files


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