Chilli, Jalapeño

Chilli, Jalapeno

Capsicum Annuum, Jalapeño

This is one of the classic chillis I would want on my desert island list. Highly productive, easy to grow and a great all purpose mild chilli.

Origin Veracruz state, Mexico 
are robust and have an upright habit. In the ground they reach 3.5 – 4ft, smaller when grown in pots.
pods are 5-7cm long and 2.5-4cm wide tapering to a blunt end, fruit have thick flesh walls sometimes cracked or striated with thin brown lines. Fruit are glossy and mature from green to red in around 70-75 days. 
Medium, big flavour strongly capsicum and distinctly Jalapeño, the flesh gets sweeter when red. 
most commonly used when green either fresh or pickled. In mexico the red jalapeños are smoke-dried and the called chipotles. Fresh jalapeños are an excellent all round not-to-hot chilli 2 or 3 can be thrown into a dish giving great flavour but without making it too hot.

Seed Source The seeds I started with came from a seed saver in Denmark and the variety was perhaps Conchos which may have been an F1. I’ve grown it out and although there is a fair bit of variability all plants produce classic tasting, quite large Jalapeño chillis. I’ll keep going with this strain because I like it the pods remain glossy and do not crack.


  1. #1 by Mick on January 4, 2010 - 04:36

    Jalepenos are one of my favorites…They have a sweet flavour and even though they can be hot they dont overpower the rest of what you are eating

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