Tomato, Double Rich

A mid to early season beef tomato. Indeterminate. (65-70 days)

Tomato Double Rich, on the vine summer 2007

A really lovely beef tomato, with smooth skin, clean firm flesh and few seeds, Fruit are big and beefy weighing up to 500g. Flavour is good; rich, sweet and slightly tart. Good for slicing, sauces, salsa and chutney. It has the distinction of having twice as much vitamin C as most other tomatoes and as much as an orange.

Origin This fairly old variety was developed, in 1953 by A. Yeager at the University of North Dakota, by crossing “Lycopersicon peruvianum” and “Michigan State Forcing”. It is now a stable open polinated variety
Seed source Association Kokopelli
Disease Resistance shows resistance to blight

2007 12 plants for seed for Kokopelli
Sowed March 26 Pricked out April 17 Planted Out May 20
Harvested 6kg August – Oct 25

2008 2 plants from saved seeds
Sowed March 12 Pricked out April 16 Planted Out May 17
Harvested August – Oct

2009 2 plants from saved seeds
uprooted by wild pigs so no harvest this year

Variety Files help keep a record of the varieties I grow and continue to grow for seed saving.

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