Tomato, Caro Rich

I like to keep good records of my favourite varieties; the ones that I grow and save seeds for. It is full-on tomato season here so I thought I should catch up with the tomatoes and write up some of the best varieties.

Tomato, Caro Rich

Tomato, Caro Rich

Indeterminate. Mid-early season: Said to be 80 days from transplant, though I do think it can be brought on sooner and is usually one of the first to produce fruit in my garden.
Description A round, slightly scalloped, deep orange tomato usually around 7-8cm accross and 120-150g in weight. The orange skin is near perfect; blemish free, smooth, of uniform colour and not too thick. The flesh inside is nice and dense, juicy and orange throughout. One of my favourite salad tomatoes.
Flavour Delicious – a nice balance of tart and sweet. Use raw and in salads
Yield Medium – productive.
Seed Source Kokopelli   Origin unknown
Seed Saved 2008, 2009, 2010
Resistance Has shown itself to be fairly drought resistant and has not so far suffered from blossom end rot or cracking in my garden.
USP Apart from its beauty these perfect fruit have extremely high provitamin content something like 10 times that of ordinary tomatoes.

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