I’ve grown edibles in a back garden in Hackney, by the sea in Hastings, on a windy balcony on the 18th floor of a city tower block and in the wild Cévennes mountains of Southern France.

When I started this blog in May 2006 I lived and gardened at Mas du Diable, I spent 9 years on a Cévennes mountainside in France with 8 hectares of land and harsh conditions; dry, windy, heat in summer, torential rains in autumn, icy winters followed by snow or drought in spring. I learnt a lot and for me it was important to record what works and why – how and what I did to get good or bad results. Always in relation to the seasons, weather, the land and whatever else nature throws up.

Mas du Diable became a rich resource but when we moved to Devon in summer 2012 I did not want to leave it all behind so I am in the process of moving some of the content from my Mas du Diable blog here, the stuff about growing food, saving seeds, and plant varieties that I want to keep and share.

A Kitchen Garden Notebook will be a place to share my images and notes about growing seasonal food and preserving the seeds of edible or useful crops. A place I can refer back-to and hope that other people might find it useful and add to the sum of knowledge. It is also a place that I can add  to, all the research and information I collated over the years but never had time to post online.

I think it is important that we all know how to grow food, even if we don’t do very much of it, and equally that we all know how to preserve the seeds of edible and useful plants for the future. To be a good gardener all you need is a little patience and the ability to observe.


Terraces and View at Mas du Diable

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    Hi, Laura. I’ve sent you an email about Kitchen Garden magazine via your LauraHudsonStudio website. If you don’t receive it, could you email me asap? Many thanks.

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