Seed Suppliers

Association kokopelli, Fr
Association Kokopelli, UK
Baker Creek Seeds, US
Chilli Seed Company, UK
Chiltern Seeds, UK
Ferme de Sainte Marthe, Fr
Heritage Seed Library, UK
Nicky’s Nursery, UK
Organic Catalogue, UK
Plants of Distinction, UK
Real Seeds, UK
Salt Spring Seeds, Can
Seeds by Size
Seeds of Italy (Franchi)
Simpson’s Seeds, UK
Suffolk Herbs, UK
Thomas Etty Seeds, UK
Tuckers Seeds, UK
Wild Garden Seed, US
Magic Garden Seed, Germany

Dry Stone Walling
Dry Stone Wallers (ATA)
Pierre Seche

Sustainable Agricultue and Gardening
Agricultural Biodiversity Coalition
Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog
Biodynamic Agricultural Assoc
Crop Diversity Trust
Permaculture Association
Permaculture Research
Primal Seeds
Soil Association

Plants and Specialists
Plants for a Future Database
Vietnamese Herbs
Chile Head
Chileman, The
Chillis Galore
Rogers Mushrooms

Gardeners Resources
Pest & Diseases Identifier
Royal Horticultural Society
Veg Varieties For Gardeners
Seed Saving Basics
Gardener’s Calendar

Market Gardeners and Nurseries
Four Season Farm (Elliot Coleman)
Le Potager Gourmand

Food and Lifestyle
Helper Exchange
Katzer’s Spice Pages
Slow Food International
World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

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