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Build your own Lean-to-greenhouse

Protection for seedlings makes all the difference when raising your own plants. Making a lean-to-greenhouse doesn’t have to cost much it just need to be positioned to get good winter sun, and protect plants from wind. Rachel made this one out of old bits of wood and the glass came from a massive fish tank but you could stretch horticultural plastic or perspex over a wooden frame. 

I think it is great and it has already made my life easier. It is designed to fit standard full size trays and double size trays on the ground with plenty of plant head room as well as slatted shelves to allow water to drain and keep air and light circulating.

The green-house is designed and situated in such a way that it will get the most light in winter when the sun is low and the least amount in summer when the sun is high. It is situated next to a large bush on the west side that adds further protection from midday and afternoon sun and is built against the stone wall of the house so that  the heat absorbed by the walls during the day will be radiated back at night and keep any frost at bay. The wooden frame is built onto a concrete plinth on a slight slant so that excess water drains off and the roof and sides vent to keep the inside from getting too hot. The roof has a plastic rather than glass lid incase tiles or other debris drop from the roof. All in all it is just perfect for my needs and a safe place to harden off all my seedling plants and propagate the next batch.

Original post on Mas du Diable 19/6/2009


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