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Tomato, White Rabbit

Tomato, White Rabbit

Indeterminate Cherry Tomato. Early-mid season: 65-80 days
Description Small cherry sized tomatoes that mature from creamy white to yellow when fully ripe.
Flavour A warm very unusual fruity flavour not really tomato like and not acid but delicious in its onwn right. Makes a wonderful cocktail with a mixture of coloured cherry tomatoes.
Plants Huge prolific plants that if left unchecked wild form a sprawling mass of stems, leaves and fruit.
Yield Megga productive.
Seed Source Kokopelli        Origin Developed by Joe Bratka in New Jersey.
Seed Saved 2008
Resistance Suffered from no disease, virus or pest in my garden. Skins are thin so fruit are succespible to cracking if overwaterered.
USP More like a sweet fruit than a tomato so kids love them even ones that don’t like tomatoes.


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