An update to my growing notes on Agretti. This looks most appetising and I am starting to wonder if the variety I grew was more related to its genetic relative tumbleweed than this succulent looking variety. I saw this for sale just a few days ago in a market in Bologna, Italy.  So harvest time must be late spring. Unfortuntely the variety name is cut short by the camera – could it be Gostrani, bostrani, Sostrani?
Agretti for sale in Bologna Italy
Agretti For Sale in Bologna, Italy

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  1. #1 by Johanna on July 9, 2014 - 10:14

    Reader in Italy here: sorry, but it’s “nostrani” which just means “local”. I’ve never grown agretti, but from what I see on Italian gardening sites, you’re supposed to start harvesting the tender young sprouts as soon as they start to shoot up in early spring, cropping them constantly through the growing season (which here is only until late spring) so that they don’t get branchy and woody. Hope that’s some help if you try them again next year. If you have any questions for which it might be easier to find the answers in Italian, just let me know!

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